Having studied martial arts 50 years ago, and now with my grandson presently enrolled at 'Traditional TaeKwon-Do Brandon'. I can only recommend, their personable, patience, knowledge, professionalism, while providing proficient lessons to their student's of all age's, in the martial arts of self defense.

Walt Pfeifer February 4, 2019

“Mr. Rafael & Ms. Sinai,

Two of my children Siem & Issay have been receiving training in your
facility the past four month.

We have seen so much progress in both, thank-you for your services.

Issay is a special needs child (ADHD & Autistic). We have noticed good
progress in him since he started the training with you. We would recommend
you to train kids with special needs.

Once again, thank-you for all of the training you are providing.

Mr. & Mrs. Musa 01 February 4, 2019

I am proud of having my son in this school. Taekwon-Do and his instructors have helped him to strengthen his body, to improve his discipline by practicing self-control, to be more focused and learning to coordinate movements, to excercise his memory and to achieve his goals each time he does testing and changes his belt, because this has been a reward for his efforts.

Hebert’s Mom February 4, 2019

It has been 1.5 years since I joined this school. From day 1 it has been a great source of knowledge and fun. I learnt many fighting and self defense techniques which will surely help me maintain a good physique and also help others when needed. Master Rafael is a great person and has helped me build my tae kwon do skills a lot. He has lot of experience in this and other forms of martial arts. Over all I am very much satisfied and proud to be a student of this school.

Imram Basha February 4, 2019

Mr Rafael, Miss Sinai,

Thank you so much for taking such a good care of our son. Nicholas loves spending his summer with you guys. Thanks for everything that he has learn from you guys, we really appreciate teaching with such much LOVE, PATIENCE.
We know he will miss you and all the kids. See you next year.

Justing & Natalia Stirling February 4, 2019

Everyone seems to enjoy the class, and I was saying today as everyday that everyone in your classes are more than willing to help another student, who is lost or just needs a slow demonstration!!!

We are very pleased with the level of professionalism and politeness!!!!

Thank you for welcoming us with open arms, and willingness to slow the pace a little so we can understand, not to mention helping and encouraging through so emotional moments, it truly means the world to me and our family…

Katee Breault February 4, 2019

My son has been attending this Center since the Summer of 2011. Our experience with the School and Instructors has been one of a kind. Words cannot explain the professionalism and warmness I feel every day I come in contact with them.

Katherine Blanco February 4, 2019