Master Sinai Ortega

Kyosha-Nim Sinai Ortega has trained for over 9 years Traditional TaeKwon-Do and also she has more than 12 years of experience working with children.

Mrs. Sinai educational experience includes an Associated Degree in Early Childhood Development and a CDA certification. In order to achieve a higher level of educational skill she pursued a BSc degree in elementary education. Her professional experience along with her martial arts skill makes her the best qualified instructor for leading children into the martial arts world.

For the last years, Mrs. Sinai has trained Traditional TaeKwon-Do under the Grandmaster Gerhard Bruner, who still leading her in the Martial Arts and as instructor.

Mrs. Sinai is the Hodori program director at Traditional TaeKwon-Do Center of Brandon, where she works since June 2011, she also have taught TaeKwon-Do for early ages, under a joint program with the Peacock’s Plum Day Care. Mrs. Ortega holds a Black Belt 2nd Dan in Traditional TaeKwon-Do.

Mrs. Sinai has participated in many tournaments, seminars and courses having the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and experience to be a good choice as a martial art instructor.