Master Rafael Coutin

Kyosah-Nim Rafael Coutin has trained for over 25 years few Martial Arts and fighting sports; including boxing, judo, karate-do and TaeKwon-Do among others, which made him a well rounded and skilled martial artist and instructor.

For the last years, Master Coutin has trained Traditional TaeKwon-Do under the Grandmaster Gerhard Bruner, who still leading him in the Martial Arts and as instructor.

Master Coutin has an extensive teaching experience working as assistant instructor in few martial arts schools and as independent trainer.

Mr. Coutin has participated in many tournaments, seminars and courses having the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and experience to be a good choice as a martial art instructor. Mr. Coutin holds a Black Belt 3rd Dan in Traditional TaeKwon-Do.

In May 2011 he was offered the position of Head Instructor in the Traditional TaeKwon-Do Center of Brandon.