A Lifetime of Character Begins This Summer

You’re going to ask someone to spend 8 or 9 hours a day with your kids this summer; don’t let that time go to waste!

Traditional TaeKwon-Do of Lutz is a community of friendly people based on the principles of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and the formation of an Indomitable Spirit. These are the ideals that the Traditional Taekwondo we teach are grounded in.

This summer, when you drop off your children in the morning, they’ll spend their day learning these values – not wasting time glued to a screen. They’ll have fun exercising, building character, learning about how to stay safe and sharpening new skills!

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    Here’s What Our Parents and Kids are Saying:

    Having studied martial arts 50 years ago, and now with my grandson presently enrolled at ‘Traditional TaeKwon-Do Brandon’. I can only recommend, their personable, patience, knowledge, professionalism, while providing proficient lessons to their student’s of all age’s, in the martial arts of self defense.
    - Walt Pfeifer

    It has been 1.5 years since I joined this school. From day 1 it has been a great source of knowledge and fun. I learnt many fighting and self defense techniques which will surely help me maintain a good physique and also help others when needed. Master Rafael is a great person and has helped me build my tae kwon do skills a lot. He has lot of experience in this and other forms of martial arts. Over all I am very much satisfied and proud to be a student of this school.
    - Imram Basha

    I am proud of having my son in this school. Taekwon-Do and his instructors have helped him to strengthen his body, to improve his discipline by practicing self-control, to be more focused and learning to coordinate movements, to excercise his memory and to achieve his goals each time he does testing and changes his belt, because this has been a reward for his efforts.
    - Hebert’s Mom