Children Martial Arts

The Best Thing You Can do for Your Kid is to Help Them Become a Leader

Peer pressure is coming at your kids from every angle. They get it in school, from their neighborhood and even from those who they think are role models. Most kids lack the confidence and leadership to deal with these pressures. Most of the stress and depression that kids have today are from not having enough confidence in themselves. This leads to the thought that they must be like someone else, this could be a friend who is leading them down the wrong path or someone they admire on TV who is constantly having their mug shot displayed.

As a parent you are raising them to avoid those type of people and know it can be difficult to do so. Here is your chance to equip your child with the tools they need to truly conquer those issues. Give them the tools they will need to be victorious in all they do! One of the first things they learn is the Tenets of Tae Kwon-Do:

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self Discipline
  • Indomitable Spirit

Here at Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Center of Brandon we make sure the kids have a great time as well as learn life lessons that will benefit them at home, school and for the rest of their lives. Here is what your child will get at our amazing school:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Bullyproof Training
  • How to Identify and Avoid Strangers
  • Mental Focus
  • Self Control
  • Leadership Skills
  • Self Confidence
  • And a Ton of Fun!

This is a critical time in a youth’s life and the best time to make sure that they are learning lessons that they will carry with them all through their life.

It’s a Real Life Experience!

At Traditional TaeKwon-Do Center of Brandon your child will learn life lessons that will stay with them forever. They get physical fitness, mental focus, self discipline, confidence and leadership skills, it’s a real life experience!

Our parents consistently report improved behavior at home, better grades at school and a new sense of confidence in all they do.

Our kids learn to become champions in all that they do. It’s not just about Martial Arts, it’s about becoming the best they can be in every aspect of life.

Stops Bullying and Obesity

Two of the biggest problems facing kids today is obesity and bullying. Martial Arts can be the answer to both of these problems. Your kids will get the physical fitness they need as well as the knowledge and confidence to deal with bullying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can martial arts turn my child into a bully?

No. Martial arts training will do just the opposite. Children are taught respect, tolerance, self control and compassion. The use of physical force is always reserved as a last resort, and only for self-defense.

My child has special needs. Can your program help?

We have students with ADHD, mild autism, physical disabilities, and other challenges. Martial arts is one of the best activities for children with challenges.

Is your school’s emphasis on competition and winning trophies, or is it on the development of my child?

The development of your child always comes first. And unlike with most sports teams, there are no “bench warmers” sitting on the sidelines at Traditional TaeKwon-Do Center Brandon. Every student participates fully in every class. However, for those students who wish to compete at tournaments, we offer comprehensive training for all belts. Our school is consistently a top medal winner at the regional and national tournaments that we attend each year.